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Classic Scents

Spa Collection

Calm: peppermint • eucalyptus • lavender

Spa Day: eucalyptus • spearmint

North Shore: a best seller, sea salt • jasmine • green leaves

Rosie Lavender: lavender • fresh cut roses

Cozy Collection

Yosemite: oakmoss • amber • sage • orange

Aspen: vanilla • cedarwood • amber • pine

Black Tuxedo: a manly scent, smooth woodsy + musky cedarwood cologne

French Press: fresh brewed coffee with a hint of vanilla

La Fleur Collection

Villa Amore: rose • jasmine •  blend of fruits

Peas in a pod: sweet peas • floral notes

Patchouli Rose: patchouli • roses

Peony + Blush: peony • cherry • lemon

Plumeria Garden: plumeria • jasmine

Gardenia Bloom: gardenia • ylang ylang essential oils

Tropical Collection

Tiki Beach: coconut • citrus notes • mandarin • raspberry

Strawberry Lavender Fields: strawberries • vanilla • topped with dried lavender

Cancun: citrus • mangosteen • jasmine

Just Peachy: peaches • tropical notes

Limited Edition/Seasonal scents

Sweater Weather: the perfect fall/holiday scent. apples • berries • cinnamon • vanilla

Citronella: citronella • lemongrass essential oil. keeps the bugs away!

Fresh Linen: smells like laundry has finished

Paradise Cove: vanilla • sandalwood • lavender • orange